Monday, August 3, 2009

Dating (or NOT) After 40

Where to begin??? I hesitate to even bring up this topic because it's been so long since I've been on a date. Kind of embarrassing really! I've tried the dating websites & no matter what they claim....all guys are looking for young, thin & beautiful (on the outside)! I don't do bars & while church would be a great place to meet's not happening!

I try to keep believing that there is someone out there for me & desperately hoping my "one" is not my ex! Or any of the others I left by the wayside when I still had guys calling.

How hard is it to find a guy with the following qualities: Funny, crazy about me, crazy about my family (that includes the dogs & ex mother in law), Christian, has a job, can pay his own bills, not disgustingly ugly, not on drugs......I think that's it! I don't think it's asking too much!

I really have a lot to offer......that is not a fat joke! I have a job (for now), a house, sense of humor, good personality (read fat), somewhat attractive, drug free (besides what is prescribed by a doctor).......let's see what else.....hmmmm.....5 dogs, 1 cat, a teenage son still trying to find his direction, a mother (living with me) that wants to tell everyone what their direction should be, a close relationship with my ex's mom (LOVE her).....what's not to love, like, date???

I'm learning to be happy alone but much as I love myself (did I mention I am now tan & have really cute shoes), it does get old sometimes. I just don't want to be really old & alone. Good thing I have awesome friends, great kids & wonderful family! Notice I am trying not to be am I doing??? Also, I added the picture where I look NOT THAT FAT!!!

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