Friday, April 24, 2009

I Was Duped!

I'm angry so anyone who is dying for Part 3 of Dream Job will just have to wait!
I went with a couple of friends to see the movie Earth yesterday. It's rated G so I thought it would be all sweetness & animals & their the earth....blah blah blah.....feel good.....NOT!
If you are planning to see it & don't want it ruined then STOP! here.
This rated G movie showed wolves attacking a baby caribou, a cheetah attacking some other kind of baby animal, lions attacking an elephant & a polar bear die of starvation! I (age 44) covered my eyes at most of this violence. I know about the wild & circle of life blah blah blah but come on....I don't want to see it on the big screen. I admit I have watched some violent movies but they are rated R & I have an idea of what I'm getting. If I had brought young children.....I would have left! Oh yeah I forgot about the great white shark jumping out of the water with a seal (or what was left of it) in it's mouth!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dream Job Part 2

Here we go with Part 2.....Children's reactions!

Let me set the scene.....I was visiting ex-mother-in-law & K1 in the Houston area. It was Thanksgiving weekend & I had just met K1's girlfriend's parents. Super awesome people who have raised such a wonderful daughter (J) that I want her for my own!

Back to the story.....we were all at dinner, drinking wine (which I am so not used to) & I proceeded to tell J's dad what I really wanted to do with my life. I'm sure after several glasses of wine, my voice was raised above the usual level & K1 heard what I was saying...He starts sputtering & proceeds to ask me to explain myself. When I tell everyone at the table of my plan, he raises his voice to say "Mom, you can't leave your grandchildren!" I'm thinking what the hell is he not telling me......I have no grandchildren (I am not old enough, right?) which he replies "But you will & are you trying to tell me you love DOGS more than me & my (non-existent) children?" Well, it would be much funnier if it escalated into a drunken brawl but we're not that exciting. He has still not come around to the idea even though I remind him that he has moved away from me no less than 6 times so now it is my 3 years that is.

K2's reaction....."I don't have to go do I?"

More to come in Part 3!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream Job Part 1

I'm sure we all have an idea of a dream job....maybe it's being paid for doing nothing or that island job in Australia. Mine is picking up poo......let me explain. My dream job is to work at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (see Dogtown on National Geographic Channel) even if I have to pick up poo!

Let's start at the beginning. When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a mom when I grew up. I had no idea I would be doing that on my own! Instead of being a stay at home mom like I wanted, I had to get a paying job. I started working for a large corporation 22 years ago. I can't complain.....I still have a job (for now), I have a boss I absolutely love, I like the people I work with.....I'm just not crazy about the day to day tasks. I know I'm being picky but at some point don't we get to do something we love???

When Mother moved in (while I was on a business trip...another story), I realized I needed to be medicated. After taking my anti-depressants for a couple of months, something in me changed. It wasn't just that I wasn't depressed anymore.....I started thinking about the future & making plans.

My plan is to stay at my current job until I reach my 25th anniversary (or I get laid off). The next step is to apply at Best Friends (I'm sure they'll hire me...LOL) & when I get the job there, move to Utah with my pack of dogs, 1 cat, 1 mother & 1 mother-in-law.

I'm sure I would be a perfect fit with all my experience with my own animals! HA! I am going to be volunteering at a shelter in the meantime....maybe I'll learn something!

Children's reactions to my announcement coming in Part 2! And yes I can see my color needs to be done in that picture!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Right now I am watching Cesar Milan teach a dog not to eat poop.......ewwwww!
OK. That's out of the way. I was thinking maybe I should explain the whole best mom ever thing. I've actually been told once this was borderline child abuse but here's the history. I have 2 sons which I raised by myself (there was a "little" help from the grandparents) so I wanted them to truly appreciate me & all the sacrifices I've had to make (can you force anyone to appreciate?). I don't think it's asking too you? Well, anytime I did something that really made them happy....buying a special toy, going to McDonald's when I had a headache, etc.....I would say "What am I?" & flip my hair over my shoulder. They would be required to say Best. Mom. Ever! Now they have to say it when I give them money when they're broke. I figure if they say it enough, they will come to believe it plus I need to get that positive reinforcement wherever I can. Even if it's manufactured! Anyway, I expect that phrase on my tombstone! Hear that boys?
I do have to say that I have the Best. Sons. Ever!!!
Are they perfect.....NOOOOO
But I love them & they love me...what more could a mom want?
I'm feeling especially generous since my 19 year old (K2) just spent some time with me on a Friday night. He even went out in public with me....LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK. Here goes....This is my first attempt at blogging. It seemed so much easier when I was thinking about it. I had so many ideas but now here I sit & where did they go???

Well, about me....I am a 44 year old single mom (can I still say that when my "children" are 19 & 21?) with 5 dogs, 1 cat, a mother that lives with me & an ex-mother in law who I am still close to.

I'm kind of fat so I have started working out....yuck! I am only doing because all my numbers are high....weight, cholesterol, sugar & blood pressure....I could drop dead any minute! Even though I whine & complain about my life, I'm just not quite ready to go just yet. Besides, who would take care all of my animals? Did you see those faces? But....people tend to feel differently if one pees on your carpet.
Anyway, my trainer.....of course he is young enough to be my son....has absolutely no mercy! All my carrying on makes no difference to him. He just keeps counting! Why is it so hard to lose weight after 40....who am I kidding...I've never been able to drop pounds at will!
This being my very first attempt at blogging...I may have mentioned that already....I hope to become way more interesting as I post more!