Monday, May 11, 2009

Mama. Living. With. Me

Well, Mother's Day has come & were sent & received (thanks K1).....days were spent in bed (horrendous headache)....tears were shed. It has made me think about when my mother came to live with me.

I was just coming off of juggling Mama being in the hospital in another state, running out of PTO days at work & a business trip looming around the corner. The plan was for her to stay with me after getting released from the hospital. My aunt brought her over & we got her set up in my sweet little guest room. Several days later I left for my trip.

I was going up north to teach co-workers how to do something they didn't want to do! Boy, was that fun! My second night in the hotel, I call home to check on everyone & Mama tells me she loves staying at my house, the guest room is so pleasant, she's going to keep on staying, she loves the house..........BRAKES ON!!! She's staying???

What could I say but OK......she prattles on for a while & we hang up. I am hyperventilating......thinking about what all of this involves.....she has a ton of stuff!

She moved in & initially it was like having another teenager in the house. She is on the phone all the time, she's out 'til all hours & her room is a disaster (no more precious little guest room). She leaves a trail of messiness behind her & I can't get on to her like I do K2 since she's not technically my child.

It was a good thing she did move in because a few months later The Big One happened (heart attack that is) matter that I was out of town & Sue (my ex-mother in law) had to call the ambulance. She said they had a really hard time getting the gurney close enough to lift her on it because there is no clear path in her room. She could have died while they were trying to get to her but this info is lost on her.

She is all better now but it actually slowed her down a bit so she has time to tell me things she would like me to talk to K2 about. No matter that his room is right next to hers & it would be easier for her to tell him directly.

We are all adjusting. I am medicated & it's working for now. She truly can't live alone & being an only child (for the record, I begged for siblings), it falls to me. I sure don't want her in nursing home.

Now for the fun stuff....I am going to Jen Lancaster's book signing later......she is hilarious......look into it!

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