Sunday, May 24, 2009

How I Became the Crazy Dog Lady (the rest of the story)

So here I am just living life & I finally decide to buy a house. Well, what I mean is I finally can buy a house (this means I got an way I could save money). Anyway, when you live in a house there are no more pet deposits (still vet bills though).

One Sunday on the way to church, there are people on the side of the road selling puppies. They are little balls of white fluff & my friend Pat (you remember Pat) is looking for another Maltese. We decide to stop on the way home from church (seriously, I was checking it out for Pat). They weren't Maltese puppies but something else I can't remember. They had a mama dog in the truck they wanted to sell as well. Her name was Gabby (#3) & she's a mini wire haired Dachshund. OK so yeah.....I bought her. I get her home & find out she potties in her crate. Dogs aren't supposed to do that....right? The vet says she was probably left in a crate so long with the other people, she had no choice. We're going on 3 years & she is still not totally potty trained. Thank goodness there is no carpet in my house!

Lucy (#4) really wasn't my fault! K2 found her in our neighborhood. Just wandering around.....wet & hungry! What was I going to do? Send her away? She was such a tiny chihuahua & seemed so defenseless! Who knew that when we took her to the vet to see if she was micro-chipped (she wasn't), she would vomit like the exorcist??? It was horrible! I have never had a dog get motion sickness like that! Every time we go to the vet or out of town, I have to give her medicine 2 hours before we leave. She's no longer scrawny (10 lbs now) & she's really cute.

I started hanging out with my friend JS from church. The more we got to know each other, I found out she had a dog (that's 1 dog) too. She brought him over for a play date (really I swear I had no ulterior motives) & Spot (that's his name) (#5) got along great with my 4 dogs. JS indicated that he pooped in the house but he didn't do it at my house. I loved him right away! He is always so happy & playful! I don't know if that's just him or all Jack Russell Terriers are like that. I emailed JS the next week & told her "I love Spot!" She said OK, you can have him......what???? Huh....sure???

So that's how I became the crazy dog lady....totally understandable......right???

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